Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder


As I look out the window
to see what was done,
I see nearly nothing,
Not even the sun.

No true colors held,
No darkness can stay,
No trees that are full,
Just children at play.

Several weeks back,
Nothing was bare.
Orange, red, and yellow were falling, floating, descending;
Autumn was in the air.

And little before then
When the green was about,
Children laughing and joyful,
No more school, they were out!

Red, blue, and magenta too,
Spring is the time for all to bloom.
When the trees are so full
And the bees are buzzing,
The little animals running around fussing.

That brings us back to where we started,
To the only season without a happy  hue.
You can think of it that way of course, but you can think of it the other,
That white may be the color for you!

Not everyone wants to be one color,
Sometimes, many want even more than two,
But what's important is not what everyone else wants,
It's what you want for you.

There are so many colors to admire,
Though not all are as famous as my friend Roy G. Biv,
But seasons are changing, there's no reason to desire
What other little friends Roy can give.

How long have I been standing here? What time is it?
I hardly know!
The only known thing is the presence of the enchanting white snow.

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