Beauty and Pain

The most captivating girl in school isn’t who she portray to be. With sugar there’s spice but hair bows and smiles are all that you see.

Pleasant and quiet that’s how most describe her. What people fail to realize that there’s more trailing behind her.

Ponytails cover the metal plate in her head. Make-up curtains black eyes. Only those closes knows she almost died.

As young as the age of 15, she was abused and raped by a man she thought to have loved. Now 16, she conceived a baby girl who she titles as a gift from above.

Out on the corners using her beauty and body to buy essentials for her baby girl. Laid out on her back, she feels it’s the end of the world.

Pulling down that tight mini skirt, her money palm handed and she was sent on her way. Walking home, she stops to purchase diapers that should last for the rest of the day.

Sitting by the mirror, she tries to abide with what’s in sight, but slowly point out all she dislikes.

Mentally, subjectively and physically she believes that beauty is what originally arouse all her pain. Now wishing to be unattractive because she feels beauty brings frequent pain.



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