The Beauty and the Dark

Gasping sounds
Bright force
Her desire burns like a fire
A thirst so strong it builds the desire
Her feet runs old from the cold night
Her hands run dry from non-discovery
She was stubborn to accept the click

Working scholar
The night candles seem to burn faster
As glooming as the dark
Nothing fails to disolve sorrow
But love in her eyes

She awaits the night
Yes she can not wait for the dark
It seems that is the only hour she redeems her rhythm
I am jealous of her ways
I envy her actions, I envy her ways

The pleasure and love for the blind night
Her sorrow seems to fade
Relaxation is goal
Her night oil seems not to burn

Her arms on the wall gasping air
Her beauty eyes feast into the air
The night blossom seem to compare to her taste
The ink has run dry
The wind blows upon her hair
To the west
Making the coldest heart melt

She sings her heart
Out with a smile
That the brightest star
Can not compare

By might she makes the darkness bright
What was so special about it
The dawn stretches afar
Even the stars lay low

To behold of the gem that shineth withold
For must more be said
As her hands lay low the paper and ink
Thinking nothing fails to dissolve sorrow

No more than the love of the night in her eyes

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