Beauty and the Beast

Mon, 12/04/2017 - 19:32 -- Beena

Her beauty came like a cool wind,

sweeping the beast off of his feet.

From out of misery and despair

she pulled him from beneath.


Scars lined his back

and bruises covered his face.

She could tell he once had a heart,

it was just simply misplaced.


So she gave him hers

in hopes that one day he would see

that the purity in her veins

would cleanse his darkest dreams.


Although a rough and rugged journey,

she taught him how to be a man.

Even in the face of betrayal,

for him, she would always take a stand.


But by dedicating herself

she lost a piece of her own map.

Now he wanted nothing more

than to simply give it back.


You see, the man was not prepared

to requite the love that she surrendered

because his heart alone

was still so young and tender.


So she sat empty,

giving everything she had,

while he struggled to muster

what he could give back.


And in the end he called

that she should have it all.

The curtains were drawn closed

and the lights dimmed low.

From the beauty of her heart,

the Beast now had to part.

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