Beautiful Whilst Sleeping

Wed, 08/30/2017 - 21:56 -- Claxton

Born my parents' pride and joy

I was gifted things one can't ignore

Beauty and charm to get things my way

And my family's wealth to keep me hidden away


Stuck with three idoit gaurds, rather annoying

I wounder why parnets didn't know captivity was be boring

Curiosity in me grew so I tried to escape to a life that was new

Wild party animals, wondering men, strange fruit all these things I could do


Bitter drinks, bright lights are things I come to fancy

Would party by myself until some guy would ask to dance with me

Drink after drink, sniff after sniff I was influenced by the tweedle

And soon after that I fell under the needle


I layed on the couch, no pulse in my neck

He saw that an opening to give me a peck

Never told anyone that he did more

But when I awoke twin I did bore


But if anyone asks this just a tall tale

This past became false after I put on a vale

With such gifts come family secrets

That are barried with you in the casket






This poem is about: 
Our world


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