Beautiful soul

I can't remember the time I ever did it right.
I tried and tried but I lost my sense to fight.
The urge to fall in love just wasn't in me anymore.
The nights were long and I felt done for.
But it's at your lowest moments that the unexpected occurs.
A beautiful soul arrives and you feel the need to make it yours.
This soul is perfect; this soul is innocent.
But afraid you think you'll have a bad incident.
So you push it away.
But it begs you stay.
“Don't go please; I love you.”
I'm sorry I can't pull through.
The soul watches me leave as I cry.
Its for the best why should i try?
I'll only damage, I'll only hurt.
It's been weeks now I still feel like dirt.
Why can't I can't I get him off my mind?
I don't catch feelings why can't i leave it behind?
Then it hit me.
It could be.
That this could possibly work.
Despite that i acted like a jerk
I'll give it another try.
I'll see it through; I won't be shy.
I was scared once but I'm ready now.
I won't run away anymore and that I vow.
And it's BECAUSE I LOVE YOU that I'll take care of you.
It's BECAUSE I LOVE YOU that I won't leave you.
But it's because you loved me first that I know now.
I'll give you your space.
But I'll follow you any place.
I'll trust you in all.
I won't trap you within cell walls.
I'll cherish you the way you should be.
In exchange that we both agree.
To never fail one another.
Because i don't want to go any further.
If you aren't by my side.
Love is scary but somehow
It's the one thing I shouldn't be afraid to do.
Because love heals, love pulls through.
And Because I love you, I promise I'll try my best,
Because with you I'm beyond blessed.

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