The beautiful Nightmare of my Life.

My life seems like a dream
A beautiful nightmare, to be specific

There’s one part my dream is dark and eerie
The feeling of being alone, depressed, having no one love you.
The feeling of losing a parent
The feeling of everyone you have been close to, dying, one right after the other.
Although there is a bright side
The thing that pulls me out of the dark, glooming dream.
The other part of my dream is a beautiful human.
His smile, his voice, his laugh,
Makes my heart melt into a puddle
He is my world,
Everything I want and need,
He is my only exception for not wanting to love anyone else.
The thought of losing him is depressing and heartbreaking
Even the idea of losing him is something that makes my eyes water up.
I never think about those thoughts
Because I realized that he will never leave me or hurt me.
I’ll have him forever and always, from now until the end of time.

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This poem is beautiful. I love the emotion behind it

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