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look at yourself in the mirror
ask yourself this one question
what do you see
i know what i see
a reflection of a young person
with a gift
to dazzle the world
but what are you afraid of
never caught in between a rock and a hard place
you have an amazing grace

life is about struggle
it's what you make of it
all it takes is.........
inner drive
to be the absolute best
standing out from the rest
better than anybody

vision of a good life
living right
letting nothing hold you back
stopping regularly
always on the move
be in a smooth groove
reaching for your goals
this is you need to know
doing right
letting no one and nothing stop you
don't let negative energy put the shackles of your dreams like a slave with no rights
at the end of the tunnel, all you will see is beaming lights
your eyes will open, your body is alive knowing there is no more fights

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Snap Snap Snap...Motivational..Nice

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

thank u 4 the love and support
have you written other poems?


I've written any but lost them, I recently started back writing and said to myself I want to know what other people would think and found this site, so let's see...

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

start writing your thoughts and ideas
let me know when you wrote your poem so i can give you feedbacks


Read the new one I wrote the Gift and tell me what you think...

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