Beautiful Liar

(June 2007)


He tells you he loves you, and wants you forever,

He tells me he hates you and marriage is never.

He tells you he's ready, knows what's at stake,

He tells me he knows the relationship is fake.

I know this guy, he's just a beautiful liar.


You tell him you love him and he's the greatest around.

Then you tell me you want to burn him to the ground.

You tell him he's great and that he's one of a kind,

But you tell me guys like him aren't hard to find.

That makes you a beautiful liar.


I sit and tell you "you two are so meant to be",

Though I know you each have hatred the other cannot see.

I tell you guys you were made to be my next of kin,

But really you crawl completely under my skin.

Yup, that means I'm a beautiful liar.


People everywhere are nice to someone they really know,

When in fact, they just want the person to go.

They joke around and say, "you're nuts!"

But deep inside they hate your guts.

All of us are beautiful liars.


As we grow up, they yell and tell us to clean up our mess,

Sometimes though, deep inside, they could really care less.

They tell you they are proud and raised you their best,

But in reality, they wished you were just like the rest.

Even parents are beautiful liars.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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