Beautiful Females

Baby, you look like someone straight out of a magazine
Every girl I've ever seen can't compare to my queen
Alter my reality, making my life a dream
Utilizing every facet to be first string on my team
Truly you're a trinket, a treasure that keeps it trill
Igniting my soul, like fiery flames on an oil spill
Furthermore, you are the finest female and I think I fell
Under your spell, I really feel compelled to tell the tale of a
Lost loner looking for love in all the wrong places
Founded off of drawn inspiration with no traces
Everything that equates greatness is what I'm facing
Midst of all the shaking you stay strong like a Haitian
As for divorce, don't you worry about no alimony
Love lasts through life, I would never just leave you lost and lonely- for
Ever for forever more you will be in my heart
Shout out to the Savior who gave me this love right from the start

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