Beautiful Destinations

Thu, 02/22/2018 - 14:49 -- Emo_Cat

I once had this teacherwho had put a sticky note on the inside of my notebookfor that class. The inside of each cover was fullof quotes, that I wrote on sticky notes.Except for the inside of the front cover.It had one open spot left. You see, over the summer break of that year,A fellow student of mine,Was killedby a car that hit him while he was walking early in the morning*.I was dealing with it all very hard.The class had to turn our notebooks in so that the teacher could check them.  Once we got them back, I had intended to fill that last spot space with a quote that I had found.   But my teacher got to it first. When I opened my notebook, inside I found,What I thought was the most amazing quote ever.  "Difficult roads Often LeadToBeautiful Destinations"  A truly beautiful quote.   And from that day on,I had seen the light at the end of thevery dark tunnel that I was headed down.    But as of today, no, as of August,that light is nowgone. And I'm surrounded by nothing but false hope,and I'm tired of being played.   I want, no, I NEED someone, somethingto pull me out of this hell holebefore I leave my way. The "selfish", yet "easy" way.   Why do so many people think itsthe easy way out? Cuz it's really not.     I've triedI don't know how manytimes nowtoleavemy way,  And it sure isn't easy. It's hard, so crazy difficult to do.  I've been there, almost making it out my way, only to have gottenmy timing wrong, ornot applyenough PRESSURE.   Always having what it takes to get to the door,but never enough toopen it and go through.     Until now.  This feeling that I have,is so much stronger      than before. I know if I try to leavemy way,Iĺl make it.  But I need someone, or something,to pull me outbefore I tryanything!  Please, anyone! Anything!      I WANT OUT SO GET ME THE HELL OUT!  Someone, please....................................... please just listen,and maybe,no,hopefullyyou'll hear my cry forhelp.        Because not all roads lead to  Beautiful Destinations in the end. 

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