Beautiful Curtain


I am not outgoing

I am not a class clow

Standing in front a crowd scares me

And speaking in front of them is worse

I enjoy group projects

But I like working alone more

Why do I enjoy being alone?

Because no one can hurt me

No one can make fun of me

Or break my heart

Trusting people is too easy and taken for granted

People toy with my trust

I much prefer the solitude of my curtain

It keeps me safe

Proteced from the evil of others

From their snide comments and discouraging looks

I want to pull back my curtain

Not care what others think

But I am afraid

What if they don't like the real me

Who isn't afraid to be outgoing or a leader

I wouldn't be able to handle their scrutiny

I will go back behind my beautiful curtain

It will always shield me from evil

Maybe one day I will pull it back

And realize that I am better off without it

I will be me when a curtain isn't there

Maybe not tomorrow

But I am determined to be just me



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