Beautiful Contradication

(Inspired by I Corinthians 13:4)


Love is the world’s contradiction.

It’s not what they tell you on TV,

In movies or in magazines,

It’s not about pleasure or desire.

There are no qualifiers.


Love is not about what you can take

And take and take.

No.  It’s about giving,

Giving and giving:

Giving the best

Of every moment that you’re living.

Giving until there’s nothing left to offer.


Love is sacrifice,

Willing to endure anything,

For a joy beyond its own.

Love is not a loan

To be paid back in full.

It can go forever unrequited.

It doesn’t listen to what the world claims,

Nor its cruel and vicious names.

When the sky is grey,

Love will be the first to say:


“Every flaw, every scar, every habit,

They use to mark you a freak,

Every reason they give

to make you feel unwanted,

Are things that make you unique.

They make you special.

They make you mine.

Those things should be flaunted.


The world will say you’re ugly,

That you’re not enough,

But you’re the one I love.

You’re one of a kind.

Another like you, I’ll never find.

You’ll never meet the world’s measure.

But you, my love,

I’ll always treasure.


I know you don’t think

That you deserve this,

And that when you blink,

I’ll disappear.

I know that being alone

Is your greatest fear.


In your eyes,

You’ve never been right,

Always falling short.

You cry alone at night.

You’re sure I’m about to leave,

Because this is too much,

More than you’ve ever received.

All you see is your failure.

But don’t you realize?

I’ve come to be your Savior.


You don’t have to be enough,

Because I’ve already done it all.

I know this road is rough,

But don’t be afraid to fall.

I’m here to catch you.

I’ll always catch you.


I know this doesn’t seem possible.

But this is not a work of fiction.

This love is true.

This love is real.

And we can spend eternity,

With this beautiful contradiction.”


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