Tue, 11/14/2017 - 17:54 -- karho

I get tired

But tired is what I feel

I get weak

But weakness is only a mere thought

I get insane

But insanity is only a child’s play

I get soft

But soft is not me

I get jealous

But jealousy is partial

I get mad

But madness is for a period of time

I get ugly

But ugly is insane and insanity is weak

I get disturbed

But disturbance is temporal

I get stupid

But stupidity is mad to make me insane

I get paranoid

But been paranoid can’t make me a paranoiac


Beautiful is great

I get extra-ordinarily good*

Extra-ordinarily good because I am blessed.

I am blessed because the one who made me beautiful blessed me.

you're beautiful, you're beautiful...

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Our world


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