Beating the ODDS


San Ysidro
727 E. San Ysido Blvd. #565
United States
32° 32' 39.894" N, 117° 1' 44.9328" W

Never have I thought it was easy, but I have fought my evil demons 

Throughout leaving home at a 18, biggest regret, but enjoying the challenges

Obstacles have battled me on my dark days, I came out shining

3rd semester in community college, so, nothing is stopping this lion

Everyone doubts me, day after day, but I just smile back and glimpse a who it is

Later, I take a step front, and applaude them with a grinning smile

I will make it through my IGETC courses, GPA isnt everything but a grade point average

Learning is anything, I will make it past my peaking climax

Me,Myself, and I will conquer America, and Claudia will make a living HELL!

As a 19 yeard-old, I am powerful, and I am an Educated Latina.

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