Beat it

Beat it
But you can't
So why killing us?
Because you're afraid of the truth, these are words against your wish.
Mere words but are prophecies
Beat it
But you won't
Why fighting us?
Because the masses are becoming enlightened, they are suffering but you're enjoying.
You're corrupt but kill us on sight.
Beat it
But you said how
Why shouting?
Because we are writing against your will
And they world are seeing our plight, they yoke is breaking.
Questions are asked, but answers are not coming
They're our politicians
Politicking for their own self wellness .
Beat it
And don't arrest us
Why calling us terrorist?
When you knew we have only our pen and paper.
You took the laws to your hands and it weighs down your shoulder.
Beat it
Or leave it .
Change it
Or we fight it.
We can't live with it

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My country
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