The beasts of 2016






How did we get here?

I see the monsters in these men 

see their hate 

and their fear 


Where did they come from?

demons don't just slither up shower drains 

these arn't beasts of hell

they hail from the swamps

and the small towns  

The old kingdoms that fell 


Abandoned and forgotten

They know the taste

of the dirt floor 

of dank, desperate hopelessness  

and they want more?


Satan smiles 

and shakes his head 

but he doesn't smile with joy

he smiles with dread

"Poor fools"

he wails 

"they're better off dead!"


Divine intervention? 

It must be.

The blood seeps through the walls 

riots in the streets 

but still heaven calls 


It's time 

another flood? 

The second coming? 

Time's running out

Surely there's something 



This poem is about: 
My country


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