The Beast and The Flame


There is a beast I know quite well

Deep inside my mind it loves to dwell


There is a beast I know quite well

It throws a match unto the floor

At this time I see it clear

Yet I let this lowly fire burn


And so I go about my day

Somehow little fire seems to grow

But creature and I

Do this and that

And time floats on, begins to pass


Fire may grow a little more

But smoke detector 

Will surely tell

Before house goes to hell


And so I prance and laugh

Delighted by the brilliance of day

Creature sneaks, decides to play

He takes battery from alarm 

Comes to me with a beeming smile

"Let's go do something else for a while"


And so we do, and all is great

The is sun setting

Wow its getting late

I return to home and all is ablaze

I stand astonished

Mouth agape


I simply couldn't understand

How lowly flame turned to

Roaring fire burning bright

I turn to see creature -

Cringing in pure delight


I had the chance to stomp it out

Creature is honest 

He did not deceive

I saw the fire but decided to leave


There is a beast I know quite well

But the beast knows me better

I know what she will do 

Yet I continue to let her



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