The Beast

It happened in the dark
I didn't see it coming
and it didn't leave a mark
Because when the waves pull you in
It tends to pull you far
And when it goes to get you
It hits you really hard
It happened in the sea
To him to her to me
It was definitely deadly
And more than we could bare
The pain it pulled upon us
Is a pain we all now share
Attempting to devour us
It almost stole my soul
With terrible intentions
I thought it'd never let us go
We were drowning in it claws
Awaiting a death that for certain would come slow
Suffocating in its grasp
How it'd end we only hoped 2 know
A pain like this
Is one that always lasts
And from this question
we learned one lesson...

The beast with no descretion
His name had been depression

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