The Beast

Sun, 08/10/2014 - 18:32 -- Joseg27


I am the beast

The one you look at and instantly know is freak

I am the beast

The one you say is so weak

I am the beast

The one who aches in the corner trickling tears like the rain falls

Someday hoping he can stand tall.

I am thrown around like meat

Treated without a care, I don't know how much I can bear

I am the beast

Making these pecuilar sounds

Is it a growl?

Am I not human?

Of course not.

I am the beast

The one who knows nothing but how to kill

Now everything is headed downhill.

I am floating in a void




Allowing the pain to eat me alive,

But I am stil here

Still a beast.

I am the beast

The beast who is thrown around like meat.

The beast that never speaks

Making these loud sobs.

No purpose, no job.

The world doesn't need a beast

Yet here I am

Tossed around like sand

Waiting for the moment I wake up.




Mistaking all these events

How could a beast survive?

Everything the beast dreams is deprived.

I am the beast.

Who will never wake for he is,


The beast is gone,

No one cares.

Everybody continues without any despair,

Who was that beast?

A native animal, used as leverage.

When he tried to talk everybody just offered him a beverage.

So he




Until that beast who couldn't feast

Because he himself was meat

Had let go of all that was wrong.

Something in him all along.





The beast was truly insane.

Aren't we all?

Or is this feeling inhumane?

The beast is in us all,

I am the beast who lost his brawl.

Never to awake, or crawl.

I was always the beast.



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