Bearing your face

Leaving others to take your place
Oh how it feels to walk around bearing your face
So these letters come, but what does it equal?
Because I remember when I needed my father but you needed a needle
What was so dark to lead you in that direction?
I hate that I think about you every time I see my reflection
I hate that I love you
And I hate you say that you love me
Because what were you thinking when you put a couple pills above me?
For 16 years you've put me behind bars
Now you know how I feel since you are
But Im not like you .Im willing to be the better man
Even if it means forgiving you for things I dont even understand
Forgive but Ill never forget
What if felt like to be one of your regrets
But Ill always be fine with or without you
Youll never be a reason to change what Ill amount to
And this second chance ; you better grasp it
Because one day Ill be man enough to get past it 
And itll be over


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