By: Malaika LeAnne Uding


Nice warm sun beating on my back.

Waves that go lap, lap, lap.

Nice cool sand between my toes.

How much is there? Nobody knows.

Palm trees swaying in the air.

Makes it look like somebody's hair.

Coconuts falling this way and that.

I just saw one go KERSPLAT!

I see footprints in the sand,

From other people across the land.

Seashells washed up from the sea,

Waiting here just for me.

Lovely sunsets - lavender, red.

I can watch them right from my bed.

I can see the sun's bright light,

Even through the cold dark night.

Seagulls screeching through the night,

Going along on their graceful flight.

When I see all these beautiful sights,

I see God's glory in my life.

Now it is time to go back home,

Until next time, Goodbye Mexico.



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