Beach Memory:

Mon, 05/27/2019 - 19:40 -- ngopes

Beach Memory:
The Atlantic Ocean stretches

 out its shore with miles of 
grey sand lapped by waves.

The Sun cast its halo upon

the face of the water.  Its golden

radiance fills the blue sky of the ocean.
I walk along the shoreline 
wearing only a saggy blue short.
The sandy wave laps my toes.

The gust of wind from  

the Ocean blows the pile of

loose sand near the shore.

As the shades of dusk slowly fall

the evening settles down with

an unknown music on the boardwalk.

The wisp of smoke from
fireworks rise into the air 
outside my window.

The beach is quiet now

except for the sound of waves 
lapping gently on the shore.



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