Be yourself

Be yourself,
Everyone else is taken,
That's what Oscar Wilde said,
Does he have a point,
I would say so.

Why spend the time being someone you're not,
You're probably better off,
Being the one you really are.
Don't imitate,
Be original,
Be loved for who you are,
For who's inside,
Show the world,
Who you really are,
Show everyone,
What you're capable of doing.

No need to be someone's parallel,
Being crooked is sometimes good,
Everyone's different,
That's how it should be.

Don't copy what others do,
They may not act,
The way they're supposed to.

Don't let yourself be influenced,
I would bet,
You're much better,
Than the rest.

So I tell you,
No more need to copy,
Don't imitate,
Be authentic.

Be Yourself!


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