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We were deep into the winter season.
The weather was as cold as ice.
We shivered with all reason.
Our warmth was our price.

But despite the unbearable frost,
My feelings were not lost.
I remember the beauty that winter had to bring.
I remember the way my heart wanted to sing.
I remember the skies, always a vibrant blue.
Cause this was the day I first met you.

From there, we were unstoppable.
We grew to be each other's halves.
With you, my heart was unbreakable.
We strolled down our united paths.
I saw the light in your eyes.
Radiating the security I need.
Your protecting hands always symbolized
The loneliness I freed.

Did I mention that I loved you?
I guess that was a given.
With everything we've been through,
For you, my heart was striven.
It's true; it's all very, very true.
I had fallen... deep, deep in love with you.

But then, something happened and things began to change.
I saw the look on your face, and it was a bit estranged.
I guess some alterations were subjected to undergo.
But the thing is, I never got that shocking memo.

We fought... and fought...and fought...
I saw that light in your eyes disappear.
But even then, I would have never thought
The end of us is drawing near.

Through those darkest times,
I had always loved you.
We had something that was all very true.
At least, that was what I had believed.
But that was not what you perceived.
Your heart grew as cold as day I met you.
During that winter season, the sky no longer blue.

You despised me.
You loathed me.
You hated me.
But you see, You would never set me free.

Even till this day, I'll never forget
That day you say you'll never regret.
The angry palm of your hand upon my face.
My dignity flaunted on showcase.
The day that grew on to be a year.
A year that encompassed my greatest fear.
I stayed because I loved you.
Why couldn't you love me too?

I was afraid,
I was frightened.
I was betrayed.
My face, whitened.

But I deserved way more than this.
There was too much love that I had missed.
That's when he came around.
It was he, who cut down
The ropes you used
That bounded me.
The ties that bruised,
I could never flee.
The insecurities you abused
That won't set me free.

He saved me and held my trembling hands.
And told me that he had loved me.
Through all this time, I finally understand.
That true love is healthy.
I took his hand and and stared into his warm eyes.
I can't believe it took me this long to realize.

He took me in and cared for me in every single way.
He held me until I no longer trembled.
He taught me how love can convey
The greatest moments of life, how special.

You tore me up.
You broke me down.
But in the end, it was all turned around.
I found the boy who loves me so,
And he would never sink low
To the ground you row.

Don't ever let a person drag you down to your despair.
Because, trust me, you have purpose out there.
Relationships are meant to thrive.
So throw away the ones that deprive.
A healthy relationship means that you feel free
To be whoever you want to be
It means that that person will love you for who you are
And would accept you unconditionally, by far.
Find yourself that person who could truly show you what love is.
I did and I couldn't be more happy to know that my heart is his.

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