Be Not

"Be not a person who lays down on the job, who fakes it to get by.

You'll be in an unhappy job," said my mother.

"Cut the crap and get over yourself, you're just an attention-seeking teen."

"Quit loafing, lollygagging, and meandering about like your father.

Look at where he's left you," she said, truth ringing in my ears.

"School is your job, applying for scholarships is your job, so start acting like it."

Life is your job.

"He's been out of work for 2 years straight, over 6 years in your lifetime

Do you want to end up like him?"

No, you don't.

"Do you just realized you missed the deadline to the BEST shot you had?

You're whiling away your time, exactly like another I know."

The words sting.

"Are you going to just sit in your misery and mope?  What good has that done anybody?

Where are you?  Who are you going?  Why aren't you?  What makes you think-"

I turn, flinch, but I can't run.  I can never run.  I can't fight the truth.  And I never seem to change.

Do your work, don't be your father, listen to me... BE NOT.


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