The Battle Prayer


United States
35° 27' 58.5144" N, 94° 20' 9.4704" W

Your Church is tired,
Your people worn,
Satan's penetrated
Our walls are torn.

Invading our thoughts,
Our motives changed.
Lies seem like truth,
Priorities rearranged.

Bounderies are gone,
Black & white are gray,
Commandments now suggestions.
How far we haved strayed!

Once valiant warriors,
Lay their armor down.
Wave their white flags,
Surrender their crown.

"Endure til the end"
The sermons we hear.
Yet saints still retreat,
Cowering in fear.

Lord, we turn to You,
Our powerful defence.
Strengthen what remains,
Rebuild the bound'ry fence.

Come to our church,
Repair the barriers.
So we keep Christ in,
And the world exterior.

"The signs of the times"
We see this is true,
But, Lord, don't forsake us,
Strengthen the few!

Prepare us for battle,
Til we're fully equipped.
Holy, Spirit-filled,
Not easily tricked.

Infiltrating darkness,
Shining Holy Light,
Now, armed and ready,
"All systems go!" We fight!

The Gospel won't die,
Not under our care.
With Sword of the Spirit,
The enemy is snared.

Yes, Lord, Your church is tired,
But we'll keep pressing on.
With determined hearts we fight,
Til we see the blessed Son.


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