Battle of Britain

Sat, 07/18/2015 - 02:25 -- Avidity

Targeting the cities of England, the savages rushed in,
And, the sirens started to sound, the young pilots charged to their cockpits,
Fear gripped in the air of England when the Nazis entered;

The engines roared, the war-planes spurted on the runway, and the war-planes made it to the air,
"We'll erase them", vowed the Royal Air Force,
Cannons flew into the air, targeting the enemy planes,
Grim attacks took place claiming lives of thousands of citizens;

The outcome was a loss of friends who flew for the grace of their nation,
Behind every man, there is an untold story,
Within each uniform laid a man who sacrificed his life for the paramountcy of his nation;

With bravery in the summer skies, they led their nation to defeat the Nazis savages,
Getting outnumbered, they didn't stop but instead fought to their deaths,
They kept flying and crippling the Nazis,
The victory arrived at a huge bloodshed;

They broke their wings for the sake of nation, and glided into the graves with no struggle,
Within the graves lie the honourable men who fought to protect their nation.

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My country
Our world
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Very well, I liked it.

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