Battered Heart

Bruised arms

Black eyes

Her screams ring your ears like alarms

Hot tears stream down her face as she cries

Saving him by making up multiple lies

Constantly falling for his looks and charms

But really, inside she dies

Because she's looking into the face of harm


Yanking her up, dragging her around

Bringing her up, then throwing her down

One moment, he's caressing her face

Then another, he's beating her all over the place

She just wants to be loved and cared for

But his aggressiveness always shuts the door

Slapping her face, stomping her into the floor

She stays, even though she can't take it anymore

She lets him get away without a trace

She fears for her life and her heartbeat picks up a pace

She wants to pack her bags and leave town

But her love for him is already bound


He takes care of her like a real man should

Designer clothes and houses made out of brick, not wood

Kisses her neck, and makes her feel good

What he does for her, no other man could

After a while, he transforms into someone new

He doesn't call her baby, he doesn't call her boo

Boo turns into bitch, and other degrading names too

No, this can't be right, this is not her man, but who?


A man who has a violent side

So uncontrollable, it won't hide

He takes it out on his soon to be wife

Hitting her so hard and nearly taking her life

He loves her, but she can make him so mad

He can't help it, his temper is really bad



He transforms so quickly, but she doesn't know how

"Who is this person? This is not my love."

She closes her eyes and looks above.

She prays to the Lord to stop the suffering and pain

The blood left behind leaves a huge stain




He beats her until she breaks

She doesn't know how much more she can take

Afraid to sleep because he stands over her until she awakes

So afraid of him that she shakes

Not even aware of the many tears that she could make

Going to sleep every night when her body ache

She needs to leave for her own sake




She packs her bags

She heads toward the exit

Until he comes up from behind

And blocks off her only way to freedom................


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