Then silence.

turn a blind eye 

to the ignorance 

to the violence 

but no one seems 

to hear our screams

for change 


Gun Control 

No longer controlled by a gun 

A nation whose actions

are always reactive

so let's keep waiting 

til the damage is done 

til the school halls are drenched in blood

til our backpacks are weighted down with fear and regrets

tributes become casual

this is our new normal


Welcome to survival 

where we learn a life isn't worth the gun

it was taken with 

but no amount of thoughts and prayers

can make us forgive and forget

so tell us, "What are our lives worth?"

because the numbers keep rising 

causing an uprising

because you're compromising

lives for extra dollars to count 

count how many tragedies one year can hold

count how many mothers that didn''t know 

they were sending their child to their last day of school 

count how many thoughts and prayers 

it takes us to forget 


We will not forget 

instead we will wait impaiently

for the reforms to be passed 

hoping we make it another day in class

while we continue to ask

"What are our lives worth?"

because everyone wants to point fingers

but no one wants to take the blame 

but we are the future

we are begging for mercy

we don't want to play your sick game 

because we are sick of hearing that...



then silence 

sick of turning blind eyes to the ignorance 

to all the violence 

so heed our alliance 

beware of our defiance 

because I'm afraid nowhere is safe anymore 








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