Since firearms manifold more bang for their buck, 

any rational per son or daughter, one wood love to chuck 
fired and squawks like Donald Duck

up in arms at alarming spike vis a vis trigger, where luck
less lie dead, when bullet released after squeezed
   by angry mother fuck

er engendering outrageous spike in wanton killings -
   the nemesis of gluck
via leaded slugs, whar led doth huck.

first time gun owners indiscriminately, who brandish 

innocent victims, and concomitantly excite  
   purported in accordance with first amendment, relish

yet proliferation allowing free ranging banshee dervish

sans weapons of mass destruction (mainly innocent lives) 
   inures citizens to appear off fish

us, and self-important becoming comfortably numb

   at regular headlines detailing some lone a bit mish 

hug ha, an automatic killer methodically unloading with a swish

multitudinous cartridges attempt to evening the score, a wish

to take revenge viz a personal vendetta 
   amidst the madding crowds - utter oye vay - tis Yiddish.

such proliferation of high-powered assault bazookas
   berserk arc with a blip

bipedal hominid(s) grip with a the hand a dirk in case the clip

doth miss the mark, where siege mentality induces
   nationwide sprint ting infamy to drip

metamorphosing into a malignant state with curled lip

mailer daemon hell bent on besieging bait (unaware nip

pee nap noopy snapchatting beings) bursting with deadly quip

with a barrage of bullets malicious intent to spray 

   killing machines delivering rip

paying deathly howls amidst pandemonium, thence funereal slip

epitaphs etched on tombstones proliferate
   taking souls to Hades trip.

more often than not such brutal and nasty team
(short lived) nefarious scheme 

directed at humble lettered people (like those comprising ream

member ring my home town - once evoked with pastoral meme

of Lake Woebegone) minding their p's and q's, when in the extreme

and out of the blue like a nightmare interrupting an idyllic dream

a sudden bitta bing bitta bang rings terrorist catcall followed 

   by red tide and river of bloodying bodied of hue men caskets

rendered veneer of dark wood within lies corpse, 

   where mortician daub with creme.

the pistol whipped soundcloud boom across 

thus occurs yet another staccato sinister sonic 

   the pearl jam gray slate of some formerly anonymous 
name sake, which underline or boss

   son or daughter of a bitch blitzkrieg of shells cross 
invisible trajectories shatter (at shutterfly speed),
   the democratic rubric - rendered as dross

disposable lives of society
   with senseless slaughter, whereat somber silence
   echoes nostalgia for the Mill on the Floss

when life seemed so innocent against the gun metal gloss 
wails of agony at another human loss.

this epidemic re: murderous love affair perfervid

with gruesome morbid 

fixation allowing, enabling and providing terrifying 

   trappings, whence went Pandora out the lid

anger loosed maniacally gun down (in slo mo) recorded by hid

den a milling crowd, each person locked in cross hair grid

source (perhaps pathetic plan premeditated) employing did

da ding from flying bullets, a coterie upping the ante vis a vis bid

   ding fare thee from odious loading incendiary fiery clips.

suicide bombardier seeks slakes thirst to take aim in billeted soiree

with deadly precision, and spray 

with pump posse city, a congregated engaged groupon 

   of people), with egregious pay

shunt and methodically mowing down, a slew - nay

re: doth unsuspecting victim aware - delivering may 

hem to this anonymous American citizen as well 

family and survivors, who lay

   down their sorrows, which bring revulsion and gray 

obsolescence of faith in mankind to fray.

death be not proud, nor ought airtime allocated to these 

heinous cavalier avengers foe tee eight hour special (proffers 

   twitchy finger itching to squeeze

especial easy access to sophisticated high caliber compact 

   offspring doth please

manifesting those prize pride killing machine owners never freeze

rapaciously with so much ease

lethal gimcrackery cutlasses even a lil whippersnapper 

   can rope into control this violence as disease.

sorrow soulful songs sung by the likes of death cab for cutie or goo

goo dolls in tandem with foo 

fighting beastie boys pay homilies whence homage grew 

to grateful dead nobody knew

fetishistic martyrs wannabe set sights of sister and mew

sic cull doobie brothers of their same simian species
   with no sorrow to rue.

the ammunition barrels at greased

once target(s) locked and stocked 

   per skull and cross lovely bones, 

   lightening speedily deals mortal blow persons unaware,
   the final minutes/seconds of various lives leased

shorn of existence, and akin to sheared sheep, this case 

targeted ambushed ewe mon permanently fleeced

to the grim reaper instantaneously cut short, when insta 

   gram cross hairs seal fate upon Avast group who ceased

to exist as happy go lucky men, women and/or children 

   from the most fearsome beast. 

instantaneous re: within the blink and/or flickr survive

er eyed, and former gallivanting live 

capitalone progressive pinterest ting human con hive

ving to collide with hulu hooping unwittingly accompanying jive

vin track hewed by trigger-happy holster naught 
   sending dead riders to final resting place.

ribald exhortations and allegiance gifted who usher bereave

ment, where demise of existence experiences a field day,
   whence Pandora gorges 

   viz Philabundance, while next of kin grieve

incalculable loss forsaken, whence emptiness doles bleakness 

   upon grim outlook that doth leave

tears, brought about per spilt blood and sweat 
   tallying cost, no miracle whipped for lifeless ones to retrieve.

mortal kombat rues unfathomable payless Priceline Bourse

which induces adrenaline to course 
thru the melee, where survivors sprint non selfie ish 

   lee to a safer outlook, where moments of pain force

   besiege collective asylum seekers indulge gorse 

set of faux Joyus fancyfeast er vanityfair, whence sorrow loosed 

   like wild horse

diehard fanatic (attired inconspicuously like 

   dishabille schlepper of an outlier) pulled source 

trigger releasing high-powered voluminous ammunition 

   loaded murderous mass homicidal rates seemingly get worse. 

Netzero escape those unfairly killed ceaselessly year after year

undeclared warfare, 

whereby killer coolly unleashes fusillade veer

ring out the barrel to tear 

a hole in the community fabric, blithely emptying 

   lethal methodological munitions with a truckload to spare.



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