Ballad of Matches

"The brightest matches burn the darkest"

It started off ablaze-- together forever through a life that's a maze-- they clicked off the bat-- a homerun you could say-- from strangers to lovers in the grandest way-- friends at first-- gotta take it slow-- learn of each other-- watch as they grow-- giggle and joke-- flirt and woo-- they were only friends-- but unknown their hearts grew-- a bond was being made-- stronger than any ion-- the bond of two hearts-- as prolific as mount zion-- as time passed both worried-- that maybe friends was the only thing in the query-- but all doubts flattened and hearts became attached-- a couple was born-- tight and latched-- love ensued after some time elapsed-- their hearts sewn to one-- not leaving a gap-- this new thing was bright-- as hot as a match-- outlook to a future unrivaled and unmatched-- their bond was strong-- they were tight and clicked-- everything near perfect-- by God they were picked-- they became comfortable-- even married you dare say-- they knew each other well-- like a horse and its hay-- but in there lied trouble-- a flicker in the match?-- tendencies showed-- that were never attached-- but love is powerful-- it can conquer all foes-- the bad can't win and off it goes-- the match still bright-- burning like lava-- love still sweet like sugar and guava-- on they march till their feet won't go-- even then they'll crawl-- heart never saying no-- dreams of a future that would top all-- luxury, family, Niagara Falls?-- love started to evolve-- the lust was true--a yearn for the body-- together like glue-- the passion ensued it boiled hot-- the match still bright-- you could say white hot-- but a cold breeze arose-- tendency back-- with more vigor and bite-- love still held it back-- but the match dimmed ever slight-- still hot to the touch-- but the heart grew faint-- a dent in the buss-- love still marched on-- its feet not tired-- the future still its main desire-- they're bond still strong though arguments ensued-- when did the hearts become so rude?-- it's a part of the relationship-- it's healthy they say-- why is there anger every other day?-- the breeze is back-- now hurricane in force-- blowing love to its brink-- but can't break it apart-- we'll get through this they say-- we've conquered it before-- but love is losing its grip-- can't fight anymore-- the match starts to die-- how can this happen?-- white hot in flames to blackened ashes-- breeze hits a again-- this time a tornado-- love can't handle-- blown like a potato-- the hearts snapped-- back to two-- they look at each other-- anger....sadness ensue-- how could something so perfect-- dissolve to tragedy-- match completely out-- to the trash it should be-- the brightest matches-- burn the darkest-- the fuel ran out-- and left?-- a carcass-- where love once ruled-- now nothing but darkness-- match burnt to a crisp-- the saddest bombardment--


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