Back in december

I spend the 2016 new year in the room that your smile would light like the fireworks outside, the room is dark now.

Just thinking that a few weeks ago it was december.

It was december, all i could remember is how the coldness of your body felt,the floor felt the same way somedays.

It was december and i could find the words to express the pain i felt everytime i blinked and had the memory of your laugh stiched into my eyelids.

waking up every morning knowing youre not here,that i wont ever see you again. all that ran through my mind was that youll never see me gradguate,start college or see the next december.

It is december and I cant walk into class with out water running down my cheecks because i had to walk into the new year with out you. 

It is december and i cant seem to find the streanth to go into the next day without you.

it is december, i you are still not back and everyone is telling me that you cant. that my tears wont bring you back,that no matter how much i cry you will still be gone and it will still be december,the day has gone by and i think its my time, i look up at the clock

Its january 2017.



This poem is about: 
My family
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Back in Decembers explains my reflection of the imapct the deaths of last year has affected my new year and how i was stuck in that bad moment in my life.

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