Baby I know you're mine

Fri, 11/01/2013 - 12:37 -- aysial


Baby I know you’re mine

Clean-shaved, futuristic lips and loveable eyes

Eyes that make me believe in what’s real

The world behind the blinds of deceit

Baby I know you’re mine

You say “action makes progression”

Basically action speaks louder than words

Five words said in three

You say so freely

With expression and experience like you’ve seen the hard times before

Baby I know you’re mine

The fact that you want mind before body

You want books before the party

You want God for eternity

Baby I know you’re mine

I know I have to wait on you

But let me just look at you from a far and claim you

Sayin “That’s my man”

Because baby you know that I am all you want and need

Just say those words

“Baby I’m yours”

An you’ve got me


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