Baby, be gone


Baby be gone.

16 years old,

How can she hold?

To see this baby be born,

The pain she is going through, no one will ever know.

He’s also gone, and she’s all alone.

She has to some how manage school, work, her social life, and her family.

What does she say to her parents?

How can she tell them that their daughter is now to have one of her own.

At 16

and alone

her parents don’t even know, that she was seeing someone

a loser,

a druggy,

who lives for the party,

who doesn’t care for anybody

she’s all alone.

She’s lost and confused as much as he is,

she chose to love the wrong boy and now her life is walking out of joy,

she can’t do this on her own and she has a future…..

She’s not ready to be a mother and her brother isn’t ready to be an uncle,

no one wants to see this child be born,

so she thinks, “I can’t let this baby get old.”

She makes an appointment at the clinic

where there she will let go of what was created…..

From that foolish teenage love,

She once, was trying to hold.

She’s all alone

with no one to hold

no one to talk to

she’s all alone

baby, be gone.

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This brought tears to my eyes. I can relate.


thank you means a lot!!!



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