Baby Arms


United States
33° 50' 57.5376" N, 118° 9' 11.6208" W

Two or more people disagree
Both want something
Leaders want to fight
They gather thousands of troops

I’m behind a car shredded by rain
The nonstop rain brings us down with every drop
There are occasional stikes of lightning from above
All of my close friends hurt from lightning

I hate that I am in this position
I married a wife and gave her a child
I left and I am here in hell
What right do I have to a son when I’ve killed others

I am honest and friendly
Out here I am the devil
I tortured and committed atrocities but justified,
By patriotism and defense from an invading power

I don’t know these men of whom I through rain to
They run at me and try to take my life
I do the same because if I disobey I might die
The other side should drop their weapons, but how can they after what I’ve done

Four of my fellow troops run to me and plan an ambush
I answer yes to the order
We choose to hit them with lightning
Hit them till our faces are stained with red

We shoot lightning and the rain stops
We run to check any surviving
One tries to throw rain at me
He fails, I divide his corpse with a blade at his neck

My commanding officer awards me
I look around and see my fallen troops
I see the enemy troops
I drop when I see the sight

I didn’t see men, I saw a horror
I saw, dressed in green uniforms,
Knives and weapons in hand,
Small babies painted in red

They were punished
By their parent’s orders
Innocent and gentle
No knowledge of hate, just obedience.


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