Awesome often misused

What is awesome

Is it a sarcastic device we say

To stop conversation and just to get away

What is awesome

Is it a shooter game 

where the soldier dies in flames

Seriously, what is awesome

A rap song about drugs and sex

that influence kids to become a future reck

What is awesome 

Partying like its project x

or was it cheating on your future ex

Last time I checked

these things slowy tear apart our nation

what we lack is motivation

Awesome is completing your goals 

Making the honor role

Awesome is marrying the women of your dreams

and becoming the ultimate team

Awesome is landing on the moon 

instead of playing a game in your room

We all have awesome in us 

But we often let it drift off like dust

We need to bring it to the blacktop 

Instead of leaving it at the bus stop

So the next time awesome is misused 

Inform that person that awesome is in you

This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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