Awesome Daffodil

More awesome than you appear Daffodil

I tell you my fears

It feels good to hear your lovely words float through my ears

Just to hear your voice is a blessing in disguise

It goes down into my heart and discovers all the pain hurt and emptiness deep inside

Why must I count the months days hours minutes and seconds

Until I see you again I'm theoretically guessing

This is a part of your master plan to turn me into your Mr. perfect

 I don't get it but I'm committed to what we have working

I love your pretty hair your smile and your skin tone

Childish ways and pettiness is what I've outgrown

Deep in your water swimming around like fishes

You spoil me with your consistency hugs and many kisses

Maybe one day I turn you into my Mrs.

Maybe one day I could fulfill all of your wishes

But until then pay attention listen and feel

This a deeper vivid vision of my awesome daffodil 

This poem is about: 
My family
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