Looking around
A tangible world filled with colors
Sights, sounds, creation,
A different world wherever i go,
Look at those cherry blossoms,
Everything i see, is awesome.

Such a desperate word that doesnt mean much,
Yet shows us differently,
My awesome isnt your awesome,
The difference between you and me,
War isnt awesome, or murders, or even kidnapping,
Not everything in this world is awesome,
I think you would agree.

Some people are awesome, others are not,
It depends how you live and what you've got,
If you're a glass half empty, or a glass half full,
If you're book smart, or street smart, or what you know,
Everything is awesome? Psh, just a hoax.

Awesome is awesome, my turn and yours,
We'll make a list whenever we're bored,
Awesome is just another chapter of a life's story,
Its what i like thats awesome and i think you will agree.


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