Sun, 09/20/2015 - 01:31 -- nchap13

I am told I should see each of my deeds

As items to cherish, tokens of pride.

So why does my mind sow discording seeds,

A wilt’ring thought that I cannot deride?


I am told I should smile and rejoice

For my meager gains and my aching tries.

But to convince myself with just a voice!

In truth, reality sooner defies.


I am told to count myself amongst greats,

Who have spanned ages with ideals alone.

My ‘intelligence’ shakes, the sham abates,

I leave my sad pride, in hopes to atone.


Why must this joke continue to be told?

The punchline is too awful to behold...


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Wow amazing piece of poetry! Captures so much emotion.

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