An Awakening

Fri, 01/10/2014 - 19:39 -- Leeah D


Embrace the strength; 

 the new found confidence.

Something women suppress

to copy what the celebrity wears next.

Support the natural woman

because she is on a journey.

A journey to embrace a new texture

A new....woman.

A strong woman with twists, fros, and updos

   Often breaking a comb...or two.

Unleash your beauty

   Before the world becomes robotic and cold.

Be bold and fearless

   Cause your natual hair has no limits.

Love it dearly

  because it represents a new you.

A free, fearless spirit;

    No boundaries, No limits.

Jump into your new skin

And shine from within.

Because your kinks and curls

 Are the New Beauty Trend.



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