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They say there’s an unimaginable ache,
The flip of your stomach that screams for you to pull the trigger
Control is cold and heavy in your hands
Power sits idle between your fingers begging for release
But you aren't scared
Or so you’d like to think
You’re shrouded in a feigned sense of confidence
Everything will be okay, you say
This is what you have to do
Play god and people will start to listen, you think
You can make them all mean something
And your head throbs,
And reality blurs,
And your palms grow cold
But this isn't a time for second thoughts
This is when the world will come to know your name
They say there’s a moment of unimaginable fear
The sound of your worst nightmare echoing through your racing mind
Sharp screams pierce the veil of terror
Death is all too real and present
Things were never meant to be like this
But now it’s just survival and shaking hands
And the thought of things you haven’t done
A whole life you haven’t lived
A future that’s now in someone else’s
And it’s all because of him
The man dressed in black with the maniacal smile
And his mind caught on this idea that any of this means something
These things aren't meant to happen, you think
And you’re sure you’re not meant to die this way
Everything will be okay, you whisper
But he has different ideas.
The power is in his hands now
And tonight, mercy is in short supply


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