Between the winds and the pin drop silence,
There is this place I call my comfort zone

Between the rains and the clear skies,
There is this place I call my home.

Between the day clouds and the night stars,
There is this place I call serenity.

Between the black and the white,
There is this place I call colorful.

Between the small and the large,
There is this medium which defines me.

Too afraid to move to either sides,
Where the balance tips over to uncertainty.
Too anxious to pick one over the other,
Where permanence limits growth.

Closing my eyes,
I breathe in OM.
Opening my eyes,
I breathe out OM.

The quietness of life,
The chaos of the world,
Collapse into OM,
As well as emerge from OM.

This is the me no one sees.
This is the body where my soul is.
This is the soul I live in.

This is the person I strive to be.
Neither at war nor at peace,
But in-between there is this place in which I surrender,
where I question and receive whispered answers,
In the frequency of OM.

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