My attitude is mine, it does not reflect on you personally

I do not have the energy for that

Not to mention the world revolves around the sun not you

My attitude reflects on my inner workings

My inner struggles that my outer shell conceals

Did you know my constant battle

Do you know my inner hell

Maybe to you my struggles are petty

Maybe to you they seem unreal

It does not matter to me one way or the other

because for me it is what I feel

I have a good life, my parents are the best

I wish someone would tell them to give the 3rd degree a rest

I do not drink, I do not smoke, my virtue is intake

I have no need to add stress to my future my own mind will handle that

What I need is your love and understanding

What I need is your hope filled embrace

What I need is for your voice to be tender

and the snarkiness off your face

My life does not just come up roses

no wait that is exactly what it does

The thing people forget about is the thorns

That is what I am talking of

I am not complaining, believe me when I say that

What I am doing is asking you to shut your mouth when you see my tears

keep your self in check

Like I said before my attitude is my reflection please remember that

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