I wanted to be an astronaut.

To leave this world with all it's tiny


problems behind. 


But then I discovered 

what it means to be free

It's not the freedom to run

at least not to me.


It's the freedom to help, 

To save the day

the freedom to shout

to say "you're okay"


So then I didn't know 

what I wanted to do

I thought I was lost

And I think, so did you.


But there are jobs out there

that flip the world upside down

I see the world slip under

And I can't let them drown


There are so many problems

For our world to face

Problems with hate

about age, gender, and race

There is hate about religion,

there is hate about love

There is hate radiating out

to the stars above!


You ask me what job I want

I'll tell you the truth

I want whatever job 

can stop this mess 

of anger and hate

that seeths in humanity 

boils over in pain and fear.


I can change my rhyme

To suit the climb

And I'll change the world

One person at a time


t I'll speak to the people 

And try to stem the hate


About sexualities, religions

Or lack thereof

About genders

And the pain of love


There's a whole lot of hate in this world that I fear

Can drown out the good and can drown out the cheer


But when I look at people

I don't see fat or skinny

strong or weak

I don't see color or hear accents. I don't judge because I see you as you.

The picture can change, will change, but the words inside your head will stay the same.


And I will always have hope in this seething mass of humanity that there can be will be hope 


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