Astral Lovers

Sometimes in the late evening

I can feel a presence near me.

A friend visits and asks a favor.

I can not refuse the smile of nervous


the crown and the valley

dimensions running parallel

speaking through the use of code/symbol

primal source - eternal source (force) of love.

I rub my pen and watch the glow on the face of one

then turn my face to the ever-green valley

sweat on my face, fire in her hair.

My tym is growing harder so I must stop

before the eruption of light makes me grow cold

and ends my ability to give and receive.

The walk is best prolonged favoring neither

side of the fence but remaining in balance and eternal.

Yes I have flown, nothing is impossible in God.

My ability to navigate improves constantly

my eye has opened like a flower

that I no longer wantonly beat and d/face.

There is eternal life in the hand of god.

I am protected by an ancient sage,

Holy Grail and wisdom found only in Light.

Love will always rise.




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