Being the victim of suggestive thoughts is chaotic,

It taints my mind with what can't be spoken,

Bless me god for I have sinned ,

The belligerent thoughts caused mayhem on my body,

I see wrong as normal and I shun myself,

The inclination I feel to be with someone leaves me destitute,

Life is something I've taken for granted,

A life not yet delved into,

I picture life with glory but my thoughts appease,

Glum surroundings coax my emotions,


Words of endearment take blows to my ego,

Words with faulty backgrounds,

The mind knows ,

and the heart rejects,

I have a dependency issue,

I dont want to be alone ,

I need someone regardless of distance,

I need to be overridden,

The tragic story i’ve written for myself,

I turn to faith,

He shows the path and we give it a chance,

Those who are frightened take no leap for the injustice of security,

The thing we can't see are the most powerful,

That's how he created it to be,

Live independently as if you lived with no other,

Modern day I'm sad to say has corrupted and penetrated me.

Screwing me and my future to a futile nature,

I try to become divergent of lackingness,

Some friends negotiate between wrong and wrong,

Never creating a chance for a positive,

The awareness to blend became my weakness,

All I ask is for you to help me change my wonderful God,

I come with praise and love,

A mistake I made,

But a change is what is being done.


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