Artists and Kings

Sun, 01/13/2019 - 23:40 -- blazeX

Artist's and Kings, complain about so many things.
How screwed up things are,
And nothing will ever change.

Artist's and Kings, let your voices sound
Don't stand around, just like the heard.
You have to speak up when you stand for good.


You see, they stopped caring about the world situation. 
Now once again, another Washington vacation.
We need to stand up and rise to the occasion.
Let our voices be heard with direct communication.

Artist's and Kings, don't buy their rings.
They'll do what they can, to pull your strings.

Artist's and Kings, we dare to dream.
The things old men can't see, we call on victory.

Artist's and Kings, let's spread our wings, 
It's our time to fly. 



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