The Art of Finding Yourself

Magdalena Garcia

6 February, 2018

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The Art of Finding Yourself

Before You Know It:

I have always heard the saying, “You have to lose everything before you find yourself.” There is nothing more honest than that quote, but you have to find the truth out on your own. At first, your days may seem perfect and you are happy with everything life has blessed you with.

You feel genuine and pure, like nothing can harm you and your world.

As you breathe,

you can taste each everlasting particle in the air.

Your sight is filled with a calm movement

of the things you love the most.

The eyes resting in your head are overwhelmed

with blissful passion.

Every moment is yours.

A luminous glow hits your body from each possible angle,

as if you were in the center of a stadium.

Each corner of you is clean

and there is not a cobweb in sight,

nor is there a speck of dust.

Lovely souls fill the air along with you.

There is no such thing as imperfect

in this place of paradise.

Nature is fresh

and the blue glass skies are never cloudy.

For every footstep you take in this world,

leaves a colorful path.

There is not a single tone of black or grey

but only the bright hue of white.

The trees are colossal

and devoted to providing oxygen.

Rivers run gracious with high levels of water,

only carrying the smallest of fallen leaves.

These aren’t just leaves that have fallen though,

they are a metaphor in themselves.

It’s a hidden secret or feeling that few have found yet.

This is a feeling that you will never understand,

well at least that is what you think.

That is what you think.

The sad part about this euphoria is that it isn’t real.

Going in Reverse:

You eventually change into something

you never thought was possible.

You will die internally from a loss

bigger than life itself.

There was only so much time

before you turned into a ticking time bomb.

No matter how much you do to prevent negativity,

it will definitely enter your world

at one time or another.

Before you know it,

the aftermath will pollute every corner of your being.

There is no life,

no feeling,

and nobody is listening to your cries for help.

You are corrupt by reality,

you are alone.

The dark won’t be the only thing you are scared of

now that there are things coming from the darkness.

Depression surrounds you

because everything you’ve ever known

has been taken away from you.

All that life is now is just a petty,

raw and deathly feeling.

Blind and stupid for loving too much of a perfect,

but fake life.

Each breath you take stings your lungs

and makes you cough

until you choke and gasp for pure air.

You want so bad for someone to hold you,

to love you,

and to understand what peace has become.

The reality is no human will ever be able to know

how you feel in full comprehension.

The blood won’t dry from underneath your nails

and the wind scrapes you

as if you were being dragged on the pavement.

People will notice sooner or later

that you are acting unusual,

but for now,

all you have is you.

It’s rough and everyday hurts more and more.

This thing turns out so evil

and you’re about to lose your mind.

But you will make it,

just have patience.

You remain in this unfortunate paradise until…

Your New Beginning:

This will be the hardest part of your life

and it may never end here.

You need to learn how to let emotions die

and reincarnate into a form of confidence.

This part of your life needs to be all about you

so don’t swallow your pride.

Believe in everything you do

because that is all you will ever keep with you

in this harsh world.

Trust in you and rely only on you

since nobody was there with help

when you were at your worst moments.

Learn to love yourself and repay what you owe

from the times of hurt.

There is no one else to help from now on

so treat yourself with the most precious attitude.

Try to remember the past

when you were genuinely content and pure.

Just breathe,

you need you.

Once you come to peace with your spirit,

love will surely but slowly enter

back into your world.

You will have changed after this traumatic event

and it will be noticeable to others.

Do not worry and become tense

with what has changed about you because

the important part is that you made it.

Begin to congratulate yourself

since you made this treacherous journey on your own.

Reassemble your heart

even if all the pieces are broken.

Trust that your mind will have transitioned

into a new type of you

and be joyful for that

even if your new personality or life isn’t the best.

There’s always going to be a reason to celebrate yourself

because you are the only acception.

Life has given you a second chance so try new things

that you would have never done in the past

and do not be afraid because

the most severe part of this world

is over and gone.

A Mad World:

We worry too much nowadays about being seen

as a self-absorbed or egocentric type of person.

The truth is humans need self love

to survive this life.

Your body should be safe and comfortable

in your own mind.

When you have pride

and happiness in who you are

or what you look like,

that is not a horrible thing.

In fact, you should have those thoughts

everyday of your life.

It is possible to become overly selfish or self-centered,

but what many people do not understand is that

there is a difference between

lacking consideration for others

and being pleased with yourself.

As long as you know the difference,

you will start to find a new you.

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