Like an Arrow

Like an arrow, I’m pulled back
I’m getting ready for attack.
But I can’t be let go,
no, not just yet.
I need to go back before I go forward
I know it’s right, and it’s for my own good,
But something keeps telling me I should
“Let it all go and soar through the air.
Let go of all doubts; be free of all care.
Be free in your happiness, as free as can be”
But still I am pulled back; why me?

I’m pulled back in sorrows, grief, and pain.
Of so many trials I could complain.
But I don’t.

The trials in life are making me stronger,
becoming a better person, making life longer.
It’s making me better, perfecting my aim
To reach my target; I feel no shame.
I’ll be happier if I wait, can’t you see
How wonderful life could be.

So be pulled back, welcome the pain
Be above the temptation and above the strain
To be released.
Your timing will come, and then you can soar
Into all you could have ever wished for.
So be like an arrow, pulled back by a bow,
To be released in a world of ecstatic glow.


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